Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A New Big Step

insya Allah ill b taking a big step this month..
i rarely decide on big thing...risky thing..
im not bold and brave..
im just...AVERAGE girl..haha

i am average..i play safe..i fly low..

but this month ill take that step..
2014 will b a new year,,insya Allah..

love..mummy Zara

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

membebel (i)

i even have no idea wuts d title shud be..

2weeks more and sumthing stuck in my head till now..

let see..beyond the excitement of preparing...wut do i hate about wedding prep???

too many people with too many ideas..
seriously..im all confused!
i love wut i see..& i will take wut i love..the usual me..

i dun really go too detail on brand..i dont dream brand..i dream designs..if its cheap but pretty..so wut the hell rite..

but in wedding prep..its haaaaard to go cheap..i found it hard to take the design i like without strong brand and feeling proud of it..

i wasted cash going double of this and that just to find out every each is not right..

imagine seeking approval from 3 different people..different taste..different generation..!!

its hard..

i know everyone wanted to help out..wants my day to be great..the best it can be

but at one point..i just wanna go ignorant..just go go go..

abah pernah cakap..

'dalam kenduri kawin ni..kadang2 buat banyak dosa je..berlebih-lebihan..mengumpat-umpatan'

if u go perfect on sumthing..there will always..always..alwaaaays be sumthing yg not nice..people will always come out with some bad comment..

abah pernah pesan..

yang penting berkat..barakah..

itu yg memegang sebuah perkahwinan..

and i know he is right...


tapi takkan dapat lari dari debaran fikir wut will other people say if this or that..

hope this feeling will go away..

cuz sebenarnye disebalik kecerewetan ppl around me..means they care..a lot..to take the time and think wuts the best for me..
they help me out in so many ways..
so in the end of this journey..
i will always be grateful for them too~

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

tick tick ticker...

1 month..
1 week..
1 day..

whoa..ya Allah cuaknya..hope semua berjalan dgn baik..
going to kursus pra-perkahwinan this weekend..haha..lambat gile kan..ohh i hope the-serious-legally thing can be settled by next week!..

oooooooohhhh -_-;

im nervous bout how my nikah dress is going to be..gosh..i had a preeety peekture of it in my mind..i hope it would turn out good :)

my Eday dress was made by aunty Peggy from Boutique Diana @ SungeiWang Plaza..
her tailoring details were alhamdulillah great..selesa pakai..
before this mama send a kebaya to her and masyaAllah..u can see the way she jahit..it was soo kemas..esp lining inside..

and thank God she made my kurung moden in 3days time onlyyyyy..:)

but i thing i would always remember..choosing flaring sleeves are big mistake..it keeps on running down my arm..and pictures nooot so pretty then..~~

oooh ps: apartment hunting cant waiiiitt~ *^_~*

xoxo Love :)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

checklist worth checking in & check it out ;)

i found setelkahwin.com is worth trying for those bride-to-be..
well..a GOOD checklist makes a GOOD (and tame) bridezilla..;p

ade vendors list skali..i hope one day it will be better & better when they can get most of those ppl in this business to participate :>

reminding of checklists..i got tonssss of unchecked stuff..tsk~
bile leh check semuaaa :(
ps: i found that the ambiance of this room is soo...comforting & inviting!
maybe i'll get it one day

till then~

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ramadhan AlMubarak

Masya Allah..Ramadhan bakal menjelang lagi..
6 tahun lepas Ramadhan ku dihabiskan di Ukraine..
6 tahun jugak lah Eid ku sambut di bumi Ukraine..

Eid tahun kedua..it was more than just normal Eid..it was when I first saw him..
In such a small community,when I thought I've seen every faces,there he was @ 605 openhouse,and made my heart smile.. I always think that he's a gift from Him..
He's a reflection of me in soooooo many ways actually..

Harini puasa ganti..I've 2days to go! Imagine that lazzzyy..well..to be honest I'm not a fasting kinda person..:p well anyway..when I was counting 'ehh smpat keee nk puase ni..kang tibe2 red flag..naya!'

But I do love Ramadhan..terasa sgt rahmat & kasih sayang Allah melimpah ruah..
Rasa mcm semuanya dirahmati..
Rase mcm tenang yg lain macam..
Rase dekat je dgn Allah..
Rase hijab doa mcm nipisss sahaje..
Sblm ni rasa tebalnye..
sbb dosa2 yg byk.
astaghfirullahal aziimm..

Approx less 2weeks before puase..
Then bila masuk puase..
Masya Allah..time will fly fast..
And wedding is near..insyaAllah..
I hope everything goes well..
I hope I hope I can seek for His berkat & blessing..
Sebab itu yg bantu melayari baki kehidupan bersama..

Wow..bersama..kami..kita..us..we..together..I'm beginning to love these plural reference ;p ;p

Hehe..ok till then..hope bertemu dengan Ramadhan lagi :) amiiinn